Our way

Who we are

Your Winning Mate

At Ark & Partners (“ARK”), we view ourselves as entrepreneurs with capital under management. Growing companies have specific needs, including securing capital for growth and improving their corporate governance. They also need the right talents and systems where their entrepreneurial vision can be fulfilled. We understand what entrepreneurs often go through and want to be of help for you to come out on top.

Build together

We at ARK apply the way of private equity investment as a solution to the various challenges faced by growing companies. We create a shared control block with founders whose shares have been heavily diluted from rounds of fundraising and enable an optimal governance structure. We set up a system that allows for fast and efficient decision-making, which is vital for accelerated growth. We support your company's growth with large-scale capital injections and if necessary, we also acquire shares from the management and existing investors for recapitalization.

Grow together

"We are looking to support entrepreneurs both internally and externally."

The partners of ARK come from a broad spectrum of experience, ranging from minority investments of a few billion Korean Won to buyouts of trillions of Korean Won. This is the type of experience that enables us to craft a governance and financial structure that is optimized for you and your company. We also identify, execute and perform post-merger integration on add-on acquisitions and facilitate inorganic growth on top. We view ourselves as entrepreneurs with capital under management. We enjoy working on-site and being hands-on with operations. ARK runs its own operation group and our partners start searching for talented individuals with initiative and resourcefulness who can accelerate the growth of your company from day one of investment review. Through these ways, we are looking to support entrepreneurs both internally and externally.

Investment Strategy

Focus on Potential

We look for growing companies with proven business models that need capital to further grow and improve their operations. Many VC-invested companies need capital before they eventually go public or to larger investors such as PE firms or strategic investors.

Succeed together

Unlike traditional growth equity firms, we focus on building a sustainable business together with talented founders and management teams. To achieve this goal, we design investment structure to establish joint control with the management team; we also invest in opportunistic minority shares. Along with the management team, we initiate swift number-driven changes with the aim of achieving quick-wins to realize the growth potential. When the company is still teeming with further potential, ARK will consider exiting through going public or inviting larger investors to pave the way for the company’s next growth stage.

Pave the way for next growth stage

Although we are not limited to one industry, lifestyle-changing sectors are what we are proficient at and what our investments mainly center around. We focus on companies that are in too early stage for traditional private equity investors and on firms we expect to achieve turnaround in the short term. These are the companies that are positioned in what we call the “New Economy” sector - ones that are in the process of pioneering a new business model and creating a new market. These are the companies whose corporate histories may be short but possess full of growth potential as recognized and proven through various cases around the world.